This v1 API  will be deprecated from 15th March 2020


Create new problem and  attach to the ticket

URL :  api/v1/servicedesk/attach/problem/ticket

Replace this URL with you helpdesk URL

Parameters :

Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
api_key String Optional An alphanumeric code used to authenticate your API calls
token String Required token
ticketid integer Required Id of ticket


subject String Required Subject of ticket
from Email Required Email of the ticket owner
department Integer Required Id of department
status_type_id Integer Required Id of ticket status
impact_id Integer Required Id of impact
priority_id Integer Required Id of ticket priority
location_type_id Integer Optional Id of the location
assigned_id Integer Optional Id of assignee
asset[] Integer Optional Id of asset
description String Required Description of the ticket

HTTP Method : Post


  •  Response Format : JSON

Sample JSON Success Response :


  "success": true,

  "message": "Message",

  "data": "Created new problem and attached to this ticket"


Possible Errors/Failures:


  "error": {

      "from": [

          "The from must be a valid email address."






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