This v2 API  will be deprecated from 15th March 2020


If you want agents list which only belongs to one particular department then you can use the following API for getting agents according to the tickets department.

URL : api/v2/helpdesk/api/get/agentlist

         (Replace this URL with you helpdesk URL)


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
token String Required Token generated for a user
ticket_id Integer Required Id of the ticket


HTTP Method : GET        

  •   URL Request Example:


  •   Response Format: JSON

   "success": true,

   "data": [


           "id": 140,

           "name": "Dexter Jackson"



           "id": 142,

           "name": "Jack Ryan"



           "id": 141,

           "name": "Jamie Murray"



           "id": 1,

           "name": "Jim Carry"





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