This v1 API  will be deprecated from 15th March 2020


To fetch all opened tickets in Faveo.

URL : api/v1/helpdesk/open

          (Replace this URL with you helpdesk URL)

Parameters :

Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
api_key String Optional An alphanumeric code that can be used to authenticate your API calls
ip String Optional IP address of the Customer/location where API call is being made from
token String Required Token generated for a user


HTTP Method : GET         

  •   URL Request Example:


  •   Response Format: JSON
  •   Returns JSON which contains a list of all open tickets

Sample JSON Success Response :


   "current_page": 1,

   "data": [


           "first_name": "Kalpesh",

           "last_name": "",

           "email": "",

           "profile_pic": "",

           "ticket_number": "AAAA-0000-0002",

           "id": 21,

           "title": "=?UTF-8?Q?Re:_Robin_-_Implementing_Faveo_H?= =?UTF-8?Q?elp_Desk._Let=E2=80=99s_get_you_started.?=",

           "created_at": "2018-03-12 11:03:08",

           "department_name": "Support",

           "priotity_name": "Normal",

           "sla_plan_name": "Normal",

           "help_topic_name": "Support query",

           "ticket_status_name": "Open"



   "first_page_url": "",

   "from": 1,

   "last_page": 1,

   "last_page_url": "",

   "next_page_url": null,

   "path": "",

   "per_page": 10,

   "prev_page_url": null,

   "to": 1,

   "total": 1



Response Description:

Parameter                                              Description
current_page It will tell you that the current page of tickets lists.
first_page_url It will give you URL of the first 10 tickets
last_page It describes the last page number
next_page_url It describes URL of the last page of tickets
path It describes the current URL path of the ticket.
per_page It describes counts of tickets per page.
prev_page_url It describes the URL of the last previous page
to It indicates that this is the last page
total It gives the total count of tickets
data It contains JSON contains detail information of all open tickets that contains information of tickets such as ticket number, user name, first and last name, email ..etc

data: It contains an array of tickets.

Parameter                                              Description
first_name It is the first name of the ticket owner
last_name It is the last name of the ticket owner
email It is the email of the ticket owner
profile_pic It  is the profile picture link ticket, owner
ticket_number It describes the current URL path of the ticket.
id It is id of that ticket which is unique.
title It is the unique title of the ticket.
created_at It is the time when the ticket is created.
department_name It tells that this belongs to which department
priotity_name It tells priority of the ticket
sla_plan_name It tells sla plan of ticket
help_topic_name It tells which  help topic of ticket
ticket_status_name It tells the status of the ticket

Possible Errors/Failures:

 *Please check the responses for some common errors

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