Faveo has Web, as well as mobile apps. Faveo is multi lingual and is already translated into multiple languages.

Web app can be easily translated by you and new translation be added back to Faveo yourself.

Below are the instructions with steps on how to translate Faveo Web application

1. Login to Faveo as Admin

2. Go to Admin panel

3. Click “languages” in settings menu

4. It will open the list of all available language packages

5. Download the English language package by clicking on download

6. Extract the files from your downloaded “en.zip” file.

Edit and update all the php files according to the language you want to use.

Change the phrases on right side of “=>” only.

for example

‘hello’ => ‘Hello’ ,

to German language

‘hello’ => ‘Hallo’,

8. After  saving your changes in files  create a zip file.

9. Upload this Zip file back to Faveo by clicking on Add button

These instruction above are for web application. Below in the Google drive link where you will find the language file for mobile apps and also all the Faveo plugins.

Other Details:

When you translate Faveo to your native language do share the language files with us also on support@faveohelpdesk.com so we can share it with other users

Faveo Mobile apps and other version English language files are available here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HC8e-8qbt_OvaJQ3fEfFLObjThb8nlmL?usp=sharing you can translate this and share it back with us.

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