This v1 API  will be deprecated from 15th March 2020


To register a user, call this API with required fields.

URL :   api/v1/helpdesk/register

             (Replace this URL with you helpdesk URL)

Parameters :

Name Data Type Required / Optional            Description
email String Required Email of the User or Agent
api_key String optional An alphanumeric code that can be used to authenticate API calls
first_name String Required First name of the user
last_name String Required Last name of the user
mobile String Optional Mobile number of the user
code String Optional Country code of the mobile
token String Required Token generated for a user

HTTP Method : POST

  •   URL Request Example:                                                                                                                                       



  •   Response Format : JSON
  •   Returns JSON which contains registered user details.

Sample JSON Success Response :


       message = "Activate your account! Click on the link that we've sent to your mail";

       user =       {

           "agent_tzone" = 81;

           "country_code" = " 257";

           "created_at" = "2018-03-12 10:21:15";

           email = "";

           "email_verify" = axTSEmYz3xRC1wz7uDEDumWaFUaBwwOv7Zez9lFJElhYrrkcnb;              

           "first_name" = Mallikarjun;

           id = 30;

           "last_name" = Hanagandi;

           mobile = 9158656065;

           "mobile_otp_verify" = xTSEmYz3xRC1wz7uDEDumWaFUaBwwOv7Zez9lFJElhYrrkcnb;

           role = user;

           "updated_at" = "2018-03-12 10:21:15";

           "user_name" = "";




Response Description:

 Parameter                                                      Description
            message Following message is returned on success “Activate your account! Click on the link that we’ve    sent to your mail”
user It returns JSON data with user details

user:  It contains details of a registered user

       Parameter                                                  Description
            id It is a unique id of the logged user (Example: id=3)
   agent_tzone It is the timezone of a registered user. See more details
 country_code Country codes are short alphabetic or numeric geographical phone codes developed to represent countries and dependent areas. See more details
first_name It is the first name of the logged user (Example: first_name=Jayesh)
last_name It is the last name of the logged user (Example: last_name=Kamat)
email It is the last email of the logged user (Example:
role It returns the role of the  logged in user in helpdesk (Example: role: User or role=Agent or role=Admin)

Possible Errors/Failures:

If Provided Email is already registered


"success": false,

"message": {

    “email": [

        "The email has already been taken."





*Please check the responses for some common errors

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