NOTE: User must me logged in as admin to access this API

URL : service-desk/api/cab

Method : GET

Query Parameters :

Parameter Type Possible Values Required/Optional Description
sort String name Optional Field name to sort
order String asc, desc Optional Sorting order either ascending or descending
search String Optional Keyword to be searched in CAB list page
limit Integer Optional Number of records to be displayed in each page
page Integer Optional Page number

Success Response:

        "name":"Admin Approval",
        "created_at":"2019-07-08 12:39:01",
        "updated_at":"2019-07-10 13:02:30",
        "name":"Agent Approval",
        "created_at":"2019-07-08 12:29:42",
        "updated_at":"2019-07-10 13:03:22",