NOTE: User must me logged in as agent or admin to access this API

URL : service-desk/api/problem/{problemId}

Method : GET

Query Parameters :

Parameter Type Possible Values Required/Optional Description
problemId Integer Required Problem id

Success Response:

      "name":"Manas Patil",
    "subject":"IPod touch gaurd is cracked, need to replace it.",
    "description":"<p>Yesterday while testing one app, iPod touch is <span class=\"scayt-misspell-word\" data-scayt-word=\"falled\" data-wsc-lang=\"en_US\">fallen<\/span> down on the floor and touch guard is broken. I am not able to see the content on the screen. Need to replace.",
     "name":"Gaurav Kole",
  "created_at":"2018-09-06 14:35:37",
  "updated_at":"2019-07-11 02:16:16",
      "name":"Mallikarjun's iPod"

Error Response:

  "message":"Problem Not Found"