NOTE: User must me logged in as admin to access this API

URL : v3/api/admin/update-cron-setting

Method : PATCH

Query Parameters :


  1. Parameters need to be passed in job_list array
  2. job_name array with active, value and time*(only if value=dailyAt) parameters
Parameter Type Possible Values Required/Optional Description
active Boolean 1 or 0 Optional Active value could be 1 or 0
value String Required Cron time command Eg: everyMinute, everyFiveMinutes, everyTenMinutes, everyThirtyMinutes, hourly, daily, dailyAt, weekly, monthly or yearly
time String Optional If value = dailyAt then time value is needed. Eg: 11:11

Eg: Passing parameters through URL



Success Response:

  "message":"Job Scheduler Updated Successfully"