This v1 API  will be deprecated from 15th March 2020


To create a ticket in Faveo.

URL :   api/v1/helpdesk/create

            (Replace this URL with you helpdesk URL)

Parameters :

Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
api_key String Optional An alphanumeric code used to authenticate your API calls
ip String Optional An IP address of the Customer/location where API call is being made from
email String Required Email of the user
cc[ ] array Optional Id of users
subject String Required A subject of the Ticket
first_name String Required First name of the user
last_name String Optional Last name of the user
body String Required A body of the ticket
help_topic Integer Required The id of the help topic
sla Integer Optional The id of the SLA plan
priority Integer Required The id of the Priority
dept Integer Optional The id of the Department
token String Required Token generated for a user
assigned Integer Optional An id of the assignee
code Integer Optional County code
mobile Integer Optional Mobile number
media_attachment[] file Optional File attachments

HTTP Method : POST     

  •   URL Request Example:

            is sample subject for a ticket&first_name=Mallikarjun&last_name=Hanagandi&body=This is sample message body&help_topic=2&priority=3


  •   Response Format: JSON
  •   Returns JSON which contains below response

 Sample JSON Success Response :


                 "response": {

                                         "ticket_id": 32,

                                         "message": "Ticket created successfully!",



Response Description:

Parameter                                              Description
response It contains JSON response.


  response: It contains the details of api requests result.

Parameter                                              Description
ticket_id It is the id of the current created ticket
message It will tell that a ticket is created or failed to create

Possible Errors/Failures:


          "success": false,

          "message": "Token not provided"




             "error": {

                 "subject": [

                                           "The subject field is required."


                "first_name": [

                                           "The first name field is required."





 *Please check the responses for some common errors  

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