NOTE: User must me logged in as agent with permissions or admin to access this API

URL : v3/service-desk/api/contract

Method : POST

Query Parameters :

Parameter Type Possible Values Required/Optional Description
name String Required Contract’s Name
contract_type_id Integer Required Contract Type id
identifier Integer Optional Identifier
cost String Required Contract’s Cost
approver_id Integer Required Approver id
description Text Required Contract’s Description
license_type_id Integer Optional License Type id
license_count Integer Optional License Count
vendor_id Integer Optional Vendor id
user_ids Integer Optional User id
organization_ids Integer Optional Organization id
start_date String Required Contract’s Start Date
end_date String Required Contract’s End Date
notify_before Integer Optional Notify before expiry of contract in days
notify_agents Integer Optional Notify agents about expiry of contract
attach_asset Integer Optional Attach Asset to Contract
attachment file Optional attachment related to contract



   "success": true,

   "message":"Contract Saved Successfully"