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Method : GET

Query Parameters :

Parameter Type Possible Values Required/Optional Description
id integer id, null Optional Id of Daily Report, If exists.
name String name, null Optional Name of Daily Report, If exists.
components array values, null Optional List of Components in the Daily Report, If exists.

Success Response:

    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "id": 7,
        "name": "DailyReport",
        "components": [
                "id": "open_tickets",
                "key": "Open Tickets",
                "value": 7,
                "redirectTo": "https://raffi.helpdesk/mohammed/public/tickets?show%5B%5D=inbox&departments%5B%5D=All&filter-by-url=1&category=inbox",
                "description": null,
                "icon_class": "fas fa-inbox",
                "icon_color": "#007bff"

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