URL : v3/api/agent/report/export-list

Method : GET

Segment: none


Parameter Type Optional/Required Description
per_page integer Optional Records per page
page integer Optional Page number
sory_by string Optional Order by column. Valid columns file, ext, type, created_at
order string Optional Order of sorting. Valid inputs: asc & desc
search string Optional Search string. Search by file, ext, type and created_at



"success": true,

"data": {

    "current_page": 1,

    "data": [{

        "id": 12,

        "file": "commodi",

        "ext": "xls",

        "type": "ducimus",

"hash": "5ea1fb59e5db089c175c3672c2a96622489a8c79",

        "user_id": 30,

        "created_at": "2018-11-12 06:00:06",

        "user": {

            "id": 30,

            "first_name": "Jaida",

            "last_name": "Smith",

            "user_name": "wilkinson.julianne"



    "first_page_url": "http:\/\/localhost:8000\/report\/api\/agent\/exports?page=1",

    "from": 1,

    "last_page": 1,

    "last_page_url": "http:\/\/localhost:8000\/report\/api\/agent\/exports?page=1",

    "next_page_url": null,

    "path": "http:\/\/localhost:8000\/report\/api\/agent\/exports",

    "per_page": 10,

    "prev_page_url": null,

    "to": 1,

    "total": 1