While programming we need to follow guidelines, here are some guidelines.

Requirement Manual

Before starting any project following should be done

  1. Requirement manual: A detailed requirement manual needs to be prepared explaining the project, flow and all the screens/modules, Screenshots should be put in this manual
  2. Wireframes: Make wireframes of all the screens using some tools like Pencil Project, photoshop, illustrator
  3. HTML Prototype: HTML Prototype needs to be build with dummy content which will give us the idea how the project will look like
  4. PSD to HTML: Convert the HTML design from PSD
  5. Scripting: Add client side scripting wherever required

Scripts Exception handling

  1. Try Catch Block: User try catch block in all the pages in the program, Pass the system default error message to the notification block on the user panel. If you can imagine the cases for exceptions, change the error message being passed to user so the user can understand where i the mistake
  2. Default error pages: 404, 500 error custom pages to be created according to theme style
  3. Disable debugging: In live environment debugging should always be disabled

Test Driven Development

1.Unit Testing

Use PHPunit test, don’t miss this at any cost, no matter how much time consuming it is

2. Manual testing

Manual testing to be done by tester after unit testing is complete. It’s the duty of developer to get his code tested by tester

3. Test cases

Test cases to be written before starting development. Developer needs to write these cases in consultation with tester

HTML/CSS Standards

All HTML/CSS should be W3C validated


  1. Daily code needs to be pushed to Git.
  2. Github or Bitbucket will be used

Code Commenting

  • Human Understandable: Comment Should be human understandable
  • HTML/CSS Standards: HTML/CSS code commenting standards/keywords should be followed



We prefer using following software

  • Netbeans IDE
  • Wamp/AMPPS
  • Adobe Dreamweaver or Brackets
  • SQLYog
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Composer
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Filezilla
  • GIT or Source Tree desktop GUI client

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