URL : api/postticket

Method : PATCH

Query Parameters :

Parameter Type Possible Values Required/Optional Description
ticket_number_prefix Alpha numeric Required  
status integer Required Ticket Status where purpose of status is 1
collision_avoid integer Required Agent collision avoidance duration in minutes
record_per_page integer Required tickets per page in numbers
lock_ticket_frequency integer Required When to lock tickets
waiting_time integer Required Waiting time, When user reply in close ticket The new ticket will be created if the user does not reply within this time from ticket close time.
count_internal integer Required Include internal notes in thread count , yes =1 or no = 0
show_status_date integer Required Show status update date in inbox, yes =1 or no = 0
show_org_details integer Required Show organization details in inbox, yes =1 or no = 0
show_user_location integer Required Show user location in inbox, yes =1 or no = 0
custom_field_value array of integers optional shows which extra field to show in create ticket form

{can pass in url as given example below             base_url?custom_field_value[]=customFieldId1




   "success": true,

   "message":"Ticket Settings saved successfully"