NOTE: User must be logged in as admin to access this API

URL : api/status

Method : POST

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Possible Values Required/Optional Description
name String new name Required Ticket Status Name
order Integer 14 Required, Unique Ticket Status Display Order
icon_color String #5cb85c Required Ticket Status Icon Color
icon_class String fas fa-address-book Required Ticket Status Icon
visibility_for_client Boolean 0,1 Required Ticket Status Visibility to Client
secondary_status Integer 4 If visibility_for_client is no or equals to zero This status will be displayed to the client if the visibility of the client chosen no
allow_client Boolean 1,0 Required Ticket Status Allow Client
purpose_of_status Integer 2 Required Ticket Status
halt_sla Boolean 1,0 Required Ticket Status
comment Boolean 1,0 Required Ticket Status commnet
message String this is message Optional Ticket Status message, This message will be displayed in the thread as an Internal note
default Boolean 1,0 Required Ticket Status is default or not
target_status Array of integers [1,2,3] Required Allow override to statuses: it will be filled when selected specific statuses else it will be empty



   "success": true,

   "message":"Status saved Successfully"