NOTE: User must be logged in as admin to access this API

URL : api/priority-list
Method : GET
Query Parameters :

Parameter Type Possible Values Required/Optional Description
sort-field String name Optional Field name to sort
sort-order String asc, desc Optional Sorting order either ascending or descending
search-query String Optional Keyword to be searched in Priority list page
limit Integer Optional Number of records to be displayed in each page
page Integer Optional Page number

Success Response:

  "success": true,
  "data": {
  "current_page": 1,
  "first_page_url": "http://localhost/faveo_sd/faveo-helpdesk-advance/public/api/priority-list?page=1",
  "from": 1,
  "last_page": 1,
  "last_page_url": "http://localhost/faveo_sd/faveo-helpdesk-advance/public/api/priority-list?page=1",
  "next_page_url": null,
  "path": "http://localhost/faveo_sd/faveo-helpdesk-advance/public/api/priority-list",
  "per_page": 10,
  "prev_page_url": null,
  "to": 6,
  "total": 6,
  "priorities": [
      "priority_id": 1,
      "priority": "Low",
      "status": 1,
      "priority_desc": "Low",
      "priority_color": "#00a65a",
      "priority_urgency": 4,
      "ispublic": 1,
      "is_default": 0,
      "created_at": null,
      "updated_at": null
      "priority_id": 2,
      "priority": "Normal",
      "status": 1,
      "priority_desc": "Normal",
      "priority_color": "#00bfef",
      "priority_urgency": 3,
      "ispublic": 1,
      "is_default": 0,
      "created_at": null,
      "updated_at": null