URL : api/close-workflow-update

Method : PATCH

Query Parameters :

Parameter Type Possible Values Required/Optional Description
bearer_token Required When hitting the login api in Postman there you will get bearer token.
days intger Required The number of days to after which the tickets will be auto-closed.
send_email boolean Required Send email to user on auto-closing the ticket(if Yes then 1 passed to backend and if No the 0 is passed to backend)
target_status(but pass as ‘status’ in url and api testing. integer Required Ticket status id to be set on closing the ticket.
ticket_status integer Required Tickets status IDs(in array), tickets will be only auto-closed when they have these tickets status ids.

(In URL ticket_status can pass as example given below



   "success": true,

   "message":"Saved your settings successfully"