URL : v3/api/agent/ticket-suggestions

Method : GET

Query Parameters:

Parameter Type Optional/Required Possible values Description
category string Optional all, inbox, mytickets, closed, unassigned, followup, deleted, unapproved ‘all’ can be used to get all the tickets irrespective of which category they belongs. Rest of the category will give only tickets from that category.

By default it gives ‘all’ tickets

search-query string Optional Any string The string that is required to be searched.

If it is not passed in the parameter, all the records (maximum 10, if limit parameter is also not passed) will be returned.

limit integer Optional Any integer Number of records that is needed to be fetched from DB.

If it is not passed, first 10 records will be returned.


Response :








"title":"demo title 1"





"title":"demo title 2"







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